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About us

Hello and welcome to the funeral planner.

"Dance On My Grave" began as "DJ Your Own Wake". I heard The Beatles "In My Life" and knew I wanted it for my funeral. I later added Pink Floyd's "Fat Old Sun" it grew from there and it could now take 3 days or more to see me off.

It was finished at the age I expected to die: at 56, the age my dad died. I was having health issues as the age approached and I didn't want my death to be like his. It was a bad death made worse by the family getting so many things wrong, because we didn't know what to do, or how to talk about it; and we were depending on help from medics and the state: but from GP to surgeons to home care services, the care was worse than inadequate, it was harmful in every way, but we were so in shock we didn't object.
He didn't write a  will because he was young and fit and didn't expect illness and death and because he sincerely expected his family to behave honourably when he did die; but it didn't happen like that, at all
So stop expecting to be the only immortal being with a perfectly honourable family that ever existed and get yourself sorted!

People who have helped:
Jane Newton and I met after a remarkable set of events and she helped with addition of a further dimension to DOMG which I hadn't considered: although having no children, she was concerned about the potential turmoil to her family of rehoming her beloved dog, Alfie. Also, Jane has been involved in Hospice care, and witnessed the burden of worry caused by the very difficult conversations families either can't, or won't have at this difficult time.
Vince Benjamin is one of the most useful and enterprising people I know. Vince was the first person to really understand DOMG's potential and he was able to translate my vision into language that the web-builders understood.
Viv Worsley (Nee Ure) for her brilliant suggestions.
Last, but not least, Paul Ure:  writer of best sellers in Nerja, singer of My Way in a Daffy Duck voice. Without his precision, intelligence, and attention to detail, this site would certainly not exist - it just would have been a brilliant idea.

I hope that DOMG can be used in many ways: as a serious tool to plan for the inevitable, but also a taboo- breaking, interactive way to celebrate our life with our loved ones without going to all the trouble of dying.

By the way, my funeral songs at the moment  are "Tomorrow Never Knows"  "Mind Games" and Pink Floyd's "Fat Old Sun".

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this site as I have.

See you around,

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